This video provided courtesy of The TASA Group, Inc.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2011, at 2 p.m. ET, The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with mechanical forensic engineering expert George H. Meinschein, P.E., presented a free, one-hour, interactive webinar, The Role of Event Data Recorders in Accident Reconstruction, for all legal professionals.

In passenger cars and light trucks, Event Data Recorders (black boxes) are electronic devices that are capable of capturing information related to a crash. This technology has become increasingly recognized as another tool for use in reconstructing accidents. The stored data that is available from an EDR should be treated as evidence, indicating that preservation and spoliation issues apply.

During this program, the presenter covered the following:
* The current status of EDR technology in passenger cars and light trucks
* Acronyms and terminology
* The various types of crash data available from an EDR
* How EDR data is accessed and preserved
* How EDR data can be used in accident reconstruction
* Federal regulations concerning EDRs

About the Expert
George Meinschein is a professional engineer who specializes in the field of mechanical engineering. He is a former automotive repair shop owner/operator who maintains current certifications as an ASE Master Automobile and Medium/Heavy Truck Technician. Since 1999, Mr. Meinschein has owned a forensic engineering company and has provided expert services and testimony in areas concerning machine design, product defects, mechanical engineering, repair shop practices, vehicle examinations, accident reconstruction, and vehicle/equipment fires.

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