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For most officers who work on DWI crash cases they are usually under-trained, if at all, in the skills needed to provide powerful, persuasive testimony at trial. Most cases do not go to trial, so an officer can work on many cases without ever standing the test of being cross examined by a crafty defense attorney working with a competent expert. Then the officer is involved in that high-profile case that receives public scrutiny, and perhaps for the first time the officer’s work is critically examined.

Without formal training focusing on the procedures of the trial, the rules of the courtroom, the expectations of the jury, etc. many officers have to rely in their instinct to be the best witness they can. Legal Sciences’ COURTROOM SUCCESS training gives officers a foundation and structure to support their individual styles, and goes far beyond the “how to dress” and “where to look” rules they’ve already been told to observe. Lt. David Boyt, Georgia State Patrol, a veteran of more than 15 years on the job, stated in his course evaluation,

“I wish I had this training before I testified for the first time. I’ve been on the stand many times since then, but I never heard about the things we talked about in this training.”

Host the WITNESS SKILLS training for your officers; help them be the best that they can be.



Skill Training That Few Officers Ever Get!

Officers are usually well-trained in the skills of investigating and perhaps reconstructing motor vehicle crashes, but they seldom receive formal training in the art of presenting their work to jurors at trial. To anticipate cross examination by a skilled attorney the State’s police witness needs to know more than their technical training provides them. Legal Sciences’ COURTROOM SUCCESS training gives officers the confidence to guard the truth from unfair attacks, and present their testimony in a convincing, persuasive manner that makes a real connection with the jurors.

This training includes hands-on activities that will assist prosecutors as well as the officers giving the testimony. An extensive testifying exercise demonstrates to officers a wide range of testifying styles and gives them an opportunity to experience the equivalent of many years of testifying themselves. Here’s what some of the participants of past training seminars have said:

“In 23 years as a state trooper this was by far the best one-day course I have ever attended.”

Lt. David Boyt, Georgia State Patrol

“By far the best class I have ever taken on the subject matter. If a department wants to increase its conviction rate, this is the class to take.”

Detective William Redfairn, Training Officer, Las Vegas P.D.


Intended audience: Crash investigators, reconstructionists, and prosecutors
Training Objectives: To develop skills that will enhance the effectiveness of testimony.
To understand the importance of credibility building during testimony.
To establish a shield against unfair cross examination attacks.
Past presentations:
NYPD Highway Division
Albany County (NY) STOP DWI
Onondaga County (NY) STOP DWI
Idaho State Police
North Carolina Highway Patrol
Ontario County (NY) STOP DWI
Broome County (NY) STOP DWI
New York State Police
Office of the DA, Nassau County

For information on scheduling a training seminar for your officers, send an email to Kwasnoski@aol.com