This video provided courtesy of The TASA Group, Inc.

The TASA Group, Inc., in conjunction with Traffic Accident Reconstructionist Frank Costanzo, presented a one-hour interactive webinar, Tractor-Trailer Investigation/Reconstructions for Attorneys.

During the webinar, the presenter demonstrated by case examples, real time videos and applied formulas successful methodology and approaches in reconstructing tractor-trailer collisions.

This presentation covered:

1. Speed calculations

2. Mechanical inspections

3. Computer downloads

4. Vehicle dynamics

5. Federal/state guidelines

About the Expert:
Frank Costanzo is a Traffic Accident Reconstructionist Specialist expert with over 1500 full-scale collision investigations and component defect evaluations.

Mr. Costanzo is a certified court expert with over 24 years experience in collision reconstruction, defect investigations, biomechanical analysis, and injury causation studies.

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