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J. Kwasnoski
MV Crash Checklists on Windows CD-ROM

An encyclopedia of “to do” crash scene checklists, from conducting mechanical inspections to interviewing witnesses. Can be used on a laptop computer at the scene or hard copies of checklists can be printed for future reference.

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John B. Kwasnoski

MV Crash Checklists on Windows CD-ROM

Scenarios include:

  • pedestrian impacts
  • rear-end collisions
  • angle impacts
  • motorcycle crashes
  • tractor-trailer impacts
  • head-on crashes

Sample Printout:

Pedestrian Accident — Pre-impact Conditions
Visibility and conspicuity of pedestrian and vehicle

Are there photographs to show the view of the operator as he/she approached the pedestrian?

Are the photographs taken from inside the vehicle?

Are there any photographs to show the view of oncoming traffic to the pedestrian?

What is the distance at which an operator could have sight of the pedestrian?

How was this distance determined?

What color was the vehicle that struck the pedestrian?

Was there other traffic whose headlights may have made it difficult for the pedestrian to observe the vehicle?

Is there any obstruction of view for either the pedestrian or the operator of the motor vehicle?

Are there any photographs to show the obstruction(s)?

Were other operators able to see the pedestrian?

Did any other operators take any evasive action so as not to strike the pedestrian?

Were there headlights from any oncoming traffic that might have interfered with the operator’s ability to see the pedestrian?

Were there any parked cars that obstructed the view of the pedestrian or the motor vehicle operator?

Does the operator require eyeglasses to drive?

Was the operator wearing eyeglasses?

Does the pedestrian wear eyeglases?

Was the pedestrian weating eyeglasses?

Are the pedestrian’s clothes secured for later inspection?

Were any of the headlights broken during the impact?

Have the headlights been examined to determine their use at the time of the accident?

How was that done, and by whom?

Was the person who examined the headlights qualified to reach a conclusion about the operation of the headlights?

Have the headlights been secured as physical evidence in this case?

Were the high or low beams in use at the time?

Do the witnesses confirm the use of headlights?


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