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Lethal Weapon Lectures - Collision Reconstruction DVD Library

A series of six DVDs of the Lethal Weapon – DWI Homicide lectures delivered at the National Advocacy Center.  Ideal for those who wish to refresh their knowledge of collision reconstruction principles and the presentation of expert testimony at trial.  Titles include:    Physics Concepts, Time-Distance-Speed Analyses, Speed from Tire Mark Evidence, Drag Factor, Multiple Event Collisions, and Speed from Yaw Mark Evidence.

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The Physics of Automobile Crashes

J. Kwasnoski
267 pages – softbound – with numerous illustrations, charts and tables

This is the text used in the freshman course “Physics for Law Enforcement” at Western New England College, and includes the fundamentals of the science of crash reconstruction. The perfect text for reviewing the scientific foundation of crash reconstruction methodology and testimony, this text is written at a non-calculus level.

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Establishing Liability in Vehicular Accidents

J. Kwasnoski and M. Chieco
440 pages – hardcover, leather bound – 173 illustrations

Written in interrogatory format, this exciting text gives question strings that develop key crash reconstruction issues including speed estimates, perception-reaction time, operator identification, vehicle and occupant kinematics, etc.

An ideal resource for preparing for direct examination of the state’s witness that combines the science of crash reconstruction with the practical, hands-on use of the science in the courtroom.

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J. Kwasnoski
MV Crash Checklists on Windows CD-ROM

An encyclopedia of “to do” crash scene checklists, from conducting mechanical inspections to interviewing witnesses. Can be used on a laptop computer at the scene or hard copies of checklists can be printed for future reference.

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