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Kwasnoski's Little Red Book:
A Primer on Collision

John B. Kwasnoski


A readable foundation text for those who want a primer on collision reconstruction. Patterned after Prof. Kwasnoski's Lethal Weapon lectures, and including additional materials and references. This book is a perfect read for prosecutors and for officers who want to gain a new perspective on the science of collision reconstruction.

"In everyday language, Mr. Kwasnoski thoroughly explains the terminology, principles, and scientific methods used in the field of collision reconstruction. An understanding of these components is critical to the effective presentation of collision reconstruction evidence in the courtroom. This primer is an invaluable resource for prosecutors."

Joanne E. Thomka, Director
National Traffic Law Center
National District Attorneys Association

Courtroom Success
"Witness Skills
Training Seminar"

For most officers who work on DWI crash cases they are usually under-trained, if at all, in the skills needed to provide powerful, persuasive testimony at trial. Most cases do not go to trial, so an officer can work on many cases without ever standing the test of being cross examined by a crafty defense attorney working with a competent expert. Then the officer is involved in that high-profile case that receives public scrutiny, and perhaps for the first time the officer's work is critically examined.

Host the WITNESS SKILLS training for your officers; help them be the best that they can be.


From Crash to Courtroom

Internet Bundle

Package Price $359

What users say:

"The science of crash reconstruction finally makes sense."

"The most user-friendly reference on a technical subject I have ever seen."

"Experts who chose to advocate case theories that conflict with science had better hope their adversaries don't have this book."
From Crash to Courtroom, text ( 400 pages ):$ 125
Case Analysis Supplement, CD ( 174 pages ):50
Reconstruction Testimony, CD ( 153 pages ):50
From Crash to Courtroom DVD's ( 8.5 hours ):399
Total Value:$ 624
Package Price:$ 359